How To Select The Rotor Balancing Machine

When any of the rotors do moving at the same speed, numerous particles in the body will produce inertial forces to form an inertial force system. To determine whether the rotor is a balanced rotor, it must be based on the result of its inertial force.

Whether a rotor needs to be static or dynamic balance, which depends on the specific circumstances. weight of a rotor, shape, speed and support conditions and also uses


Rotor, the base to the base system of vibration is affected by many factors, such as  vibration quality of base, bearing and foundation rigidity, working speed and a variety of resonant frequency relative degree and so on. There is no simple relationship between the amplitude of the vibration and the residual balance of the rotor. Sometimes, in order to determine the unbalance amountof the rotor, an experimental method can be used.


At the same time, balancing machine manufacturer to produce a variety of balancing machine performance indicators, specifications, features should also be understood, which is based on the choice of balancing machine.


According to the national standard balancing machine nomenclature, "workpiece quality" of balancing machine is the main parameter of the balancing machine.

"Workpiece quality" only means that the load bearing capacity of the balance bearing support stand, when we choose balancing machine, to ensure that the quality of the workpiece is not more than the scope of the provisions of the balance machine.


In order to correctly use the balancing machine, first of all to test the rotation of the workpiece structure, use, balance accuracy, working speed, support conditions, transmission methods and other items should be fully analyzed and understood.

In order to reduce the vibration of rotating machinery, improve the working speed, extend the life of the workpiece, without eliminating the rotation of the workpiece imbalance. To achieve this goal, usually use the appropriate balancing machine to do balance  work

Due to the need to balance the calibration of the rotating workpiece in the variety, shape, weight, bearing the form of great differences, and the balance accuracy requirements are also different

Because when we do balancing work, must select the propriate balancing machine according to the rotor characteristics . If you use improper, often make the balance accuracy that less than expected results, not only low efficiency, or even balance can not be carried out.

After seeing here, I think you will know how to choose the rotor balancing machine, we will be more or less a little understanding! Can make customers from the Internet, the phone can understand this content, hope that the jp balancing machien knowledge will help you!