Impeller Balancing Machine-A New Era Of Jp Balancing Machine

Rotating parts of machinery and equipment, in particular, to tell the dynamic balance of rotating parts has been a better solution for mechanical products such as pumps, the dynamic balance of the impeller there are some problems, mainly poor balance accuracy, low balance of efficiency, Not easy to ensure product technical requirements

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Reason for Impeller imbalance ?

The original imbalance is due to manufacturing error of centrifugal impeller, assembly error and material unevenness and other causes, such as the balance precision did not meet the balance precision requirements after leaving factory., Progressive imbalance is due to uneven scaling on the rotor, uneven deposition of dust in the media, uneven wear of the blades and impellers in the media, and erosion of the working medium by the working medium
So how to do balance for impellers ?

When the pump is in dynamic balance, it should be done together with the rotor components. The impeller is replaced. The balance point has also changed and needs to be recalibrated. If it is an ordinary single-stage pump, it is not needed because its residual unbalance Little effect on the pump, if it is a high-speed pump, or multi-stage pump, it needs to be balanced again. For multi-stage pump, rotor parts should be small, do the dynamic balance, mark the location of each part, and then the overall assembly of the entire pump, so as to achieve the effect of dynamic balance.Impeller balancing machine, as its name implies, is a fully automated equipment that provides balancing service for the impeller. It can automate all aspects of the pump impeller from balance measurement, angle positioning, drilling, de-weighing and re-measurement.

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Impeller balancing machine-lead the new era of balancing machine

The impeller as the core part of the pump is the main factor affecting the efficiency of the pump. The impeller is driven by the motor to rotate so that the medium (water) receives centrifugal force or lifting force to make the medium have mechanical kinetic energy. Impeller balancing machine will be able to provide balancing correction for pump impeller, to improve its stability, quality improvement