Importance Of Dynamic Balancing Machine Calibration

Proper use of the dynamic balancing machine can greatly improve the use preparation ratio of the dynamic balancing machine and reduce errors. We use a balancing machine to measure the balance power first. This requires us to calibrate the balancing machine before use. So why do we need to calibrate the balancing machine?

1. The calibration literally means to define a specification, that is, to quantify the vibration signal measured by the dynamic balancing machine, and calculate the unbalance value of the measured workpiece according to the strength of the vibration signal. However, due to the influence of mechanical and electrical measurements, such as the looseness and wear of the mechanical screw, electrical heating and aging easily affect the accuracy and accuracy of the measurement, so the calibration should be performed once in a while.

2. Calibration is very important for the dynamic balancing machine. The computer dynamic balancing machine should be calibrated before the test. This can assist the machine to accurately correct the dynamic balance of the companion or angle, which is to determine the position of the dynamic balance address of the rotating workpiece. If the false setting is incorrect, there will be a phase disorder. We use the dynamic balancing machine firstly to make the rotor reach the remaining unbalance value, and the ratio of the unbalanced amount after the correction is reduced to the initial unbalance amount. Therefore, the calibration of the dynamic balancing machine is very important. This requires us to scale the dynamic balancing machine before use, improve the power of the machine, and reduce errors.