Improve New Energy Motor Market-Dynamic Balancing Technology

New energy motor, also known as environmentally friendly motor, electric vehicle motor, new energy vehicle drive motor, etc., but the essence is the same, in order to save energy and reduce emissions to protect the environment 。Then transformation of environmentally friendly motor is very necessary.

energy motor balanc-n3.jpg

In order to meet the balance needs of such environmentally motors, in order to help new energy motor manufacturers to improve work efficiency and reduce the error of decreasing-weight by human, after the design, Jp balancing machine increase the power head de-weight device in both end , With the pneumatic clamping workpiece function, allowing the workpiece to de-weight  directly on the machine , no need to remove the workpiece. thereby enhancing work efficiency

energy motor balanc-n2.png

1.Specially designed for medium and small motor rotor,impeller,roller,shaft etc

2.Belt-driving offers higher precision and easier operation

3.Counterweight removing device with pneumatic hold workpiece function, it can remove weight from machine directly, no need disassembly workpiece, this improves Work efficiency greatly.