Improve The Quality Of Brake Disc-automatic Brake Disc Balancing Machine

Automotive brake discs are one of the most important components of a vehicle's brake system and the safety of our driving is largely dependent on the brake discs.If the brake disc fails, then it is likely to lead to braking when we do not have enough braking force to stop the car, which will lead to a series of rear-end accidents, not only endangering ourselves, but also endanger the lives of others.

High-quality brake discs, high-balancing brake discs make the car safer and quieter, guaranteeing safety while improving car comfort

How to make the brake disc has better performance? Secret is here

The service life and balance of the brake disc are affected by various external internal environments, external environments that are not controllable, but the internal balance is something we can work on.

To improve the quality of brake disc from inside, you need a secret weapon - brake disc automatic balancing machine

A just made brake disc, even if the die set is good, because of various factors ,there will be the relative density error. Jp brake disc automatic balancing machine through simulating the brake disc at a certain speed of work by measuring the eccentric force to measure the location and size of the imbalance by removing the weight of the device automatically to make the product to maintain a better stability and balance

Whether it is ventilated brake disc or non-ventilated brake disc can be used JP brake disc automatic balancing machine to do calibration, the production period is able to reach 35 seconds or so, if the weight of disk heavy,we can do more than twice to de-weight. Brake disc automatic balancing machine with high degree of automation, technical content,high precision