Improve The Working Efficiency Of The Cooling Process—Automotive Cooling Fan Balancing Machine

Automotive air conditioning cooling fan in the factory will do dynamic balance testing, dynamic balancing test can not be separated from dynamic balancing machine equipment. The development of automobile industry drives the development of dynamic balancer industry. The air conditioner cooling fan balancing machine manufactured by Jianping has been upgraded from a manual balancing machine to a semi-automatic balancing machine. At present, the cooling fan for automobile air-conditioners not only has the function of measuring dynamic balancing, The electrical properties of the workpiece to increase the test and vibration and yaw test function, greatly improving the efficiency of balancing machines, really for the sake of customers, better solutions for customers to balance.


Automotive engines use a "cooling water system," which means piping pipes around the engine to raise the pumps so that the cooling water flows in these pipes and direct the water to the radiator-mounted tank on the front of the car, while "cooling Fan "is installed inside the water tank to reduce the water temperature in general, the engine water temperature should be maintained at 60-80 degrees Celsius, nor too low, otherwise it will make the engine heat conversion efficiency becomes lower, affecting fuel economy.

Automotive air conditioning cooling fan balancing machine role:
1, improve air conditioning cooling fan and the composition of the product quality;
2, reduce air conditioning cooling fan vibration;
3, improve the service life of bearing components (bearings);
4, reduce the user's discomfort;
5, reduce product power consumption.


Cooling fan balancing machine is mainly used in automobile engine cooling fan, water tank cooling fan assembly overall balance. The machine uses 12-inch touch screen, powerful JP800 balance software. In the measurement of dynamic balance at the same time the machine can also carry out current, voltage, power and other electrical parameters of the test. Multi-function fixture can adapt to more varieties, pneumatic quick chuck can clamp the workpiece faster, greatly improving work efficiency.

In addition, Jianping automotive cooling fan balancing machine can also be current, voltage, power and other electrical parameters for testing. Visible for the car cooling fan to maintain good performance, Shanghai Jianpingbalancing machine made considerable efforts and extremely serious study. Hope Jianping automotive cooling fan balancing machine with the help of more cooling fans have better performance for our service to ensure driving safety.