Influence Factor Of JP Motor Balancing Machine

What factors affect the motor balance machine for balance checking?

There are many influential factors of balancing machine, mainly from the following aspects.
1. The transmission belt does not meet the requirements, and there are obvious seams.
2. The output signal of the sensor is abnormal.
3. The fastening screws of the parts in the supporting frame can not be fixed.
4. The left and right supports are high or low, causing the rotor to move around or the shaft neck plane and the supporting place.
5. The foundation of the balancing machine is not in accordance with the
The foundation of the motor balancing machine is not in accordance with the requirements, and the bottom binding surface is not solid, the anchor bolts are not fastened or placed on the floor, causing resonance.
6. The support block is badly worn or the roller moving.
7. There is dirt at the support part or no lubricating oil.
8. The photoelectric sensor is not opposite to the reflective paper, which may lead to angular deviation.