It Is Important To Maintain The Balance Of The Engine Cooling System

The process of car driving is the process of converting chemical energy into mechanical energy, but even if the current gasoline engine has undergone a lot of technological improvements, about 70 percent of the energy in the gasoline is converted into heat, and these heat Distributed, is the main task of the car cooling system.

In order for the car cooling system to better cool the engine, the dynamic balance of the car cooling fan is important



Main components of car cooling system

Car cooling system is not as simple as we think, which contains many components: radiator, water pump, radiator electronic fan assembly, thermostat, water pump assembly, radiator kettle, radiator fan, radiator Board, radiator cover, radiator on the guard, thermostat cover, pump pulley, radiator fan blade and so on. Its composition is more complex


Balancing machines for automobile cooling fans

Jp balancing machine developed and produced automotive cooling fan special balancing machine according to the needs of customers



Car Cooling Fan Balancing Machine :

① is for the car engine cooling fan, water tank cooling fan assembly balancing machine;

② The machine uses 12-inch touch screen, powerful JP800 balance software;

③ During the measurement of fan dynamic balance, you can also test the electrical parameters;

④ multi-functional fixture can adapt to more varieties, high efficiency.


Car engine cooling system, with the Jp dynamic balance correction, there will be a better stability for balancing