Jianping High-precision Automotive Belt Balancing Machine

As a sketch-based transmission member, Pulley commonly used in industrial machinery above, a pulley wherein a mechanical contact during high speed operation, subject to wear, impact, corrosion, fouling and other troubled fault, it not only for security reasons, but also more important It is only done dynamically balanced pulleys to longer service life.

Belt pulley works: Belt drive in the mechanical basic mechanism is "flexible transmission" - that is, the use of belt to connect two not in direct contact with the drive and follower, friction generated by the tension to transmit movement and power.
The advantages of belt drive are:
① can be used for two-axis rotation of the center distance;
② elastic belt can be to ease the impact and vibration, so that smooth transmission, low noise;
③ When overloaded, the belt slipping on the wheel to prevent damage to other parts;
④ simple structure, easy maintenance.

The role of pulley drive:
Simply put, the pulley is used to install a variety of belt wheel, the role of the pulley is to transmit the motion and torque through the drive belt, which will be able to pass power from the engine to the car to another location, can also be used to speed, some Can also be used to change the direction of rotation.
Pulley does not look impressive, but in fact its role is not negligible, Xiaobian also saw before due to the defect of the crankshaft pulley, Toyota recalled part of the imported Lexus RX300 car. Visible any car gadget may lead to such a problem. Therefore, the pulley manufacturers also need to pay attention, it is best to balance the pulley automatic balancing machine testing, so as to allow the pulley to maintain a better balance of steady state.
There is a vertical automatic drilling balancing machine, will be able to do dynamic balance of the car pulley. And the operation is very simple. It is well-developed Shanghai Jian-ping - car pulley automatic balancing machine.


Under the new appearance of the new design is to automate all pulley balancing device, both equilibrium measurements, angular positioning, drilling, or to re-retest, to achieve a complete automation of all, the operator only needs to place a workpiece, press switch, the workpiece can be removed, but also be connected to automated production plant according to the customer's specific requirements, can greatly enhance the efficiency of balancing pulley, the pulley so that balancing is more simple and efficient.

Pulley automatic balancing machines, the Shanghai Jianping researchers carefully developed the highly precise measurement and correction of the balance of the car pulleys. The automated measurement, calibration and retest drilling process, to prevent the waste of human resources, and can greatly reduce the time a single balance, improve the balance efficiency.