Jianping Pump Impeller Automatic Balancing Machine

The impeller is the core part of the pump, and the surface of the impeller needs to be smooth, so as to reduce the damage to the impeller when the water flow is rubbed. However, when the pump impeller detects the dynamic balance, it also needs to balance the whole parts together. Corrected, because the impeller balance is changed after the impeller is
replaced, which is important for high-speed pumps and multi-stage pumps.


Because of the importance of balance, Shanghai Jianping has developed a pump impeller industry: the pump impeller automatic balancing machine, then how is this automatic balancing machine detected? In simple terms, in the pump impeller detection When balancing, put the impeller on it and clamp it. Although the equipment detects the impeller rotation, there is an imbalance. How many angles will be displayed on the screen of the electric measurement system, and the balance value of the force can be made according to the angle of the indication. Mark, then take the impeller down and grind

Nowadays, the ordinary manpower grinding impeller needs to consume a lot of time. If semi-automatic equipment is used to correct it, it will not save much time. If you need to improve productivity and reduce manpower, choose Jianping pump impeller automatic balance Machine, worry about reducing these problems.

Jianping pump impeller automatic balancing machine range application
This pump automatic automatic balancing machine is mainly used in the automotive field: balance correction of clutch pressure plate, pulley, water pump impeller, flywheel, etc. This machine adopts the new technology developed by Shanghai Jianping. When measuring the workpiece, it is balanced from the angle of measurement. The survey, to the drilling and re-testing, the automatic production mode of one line, the machine is simple in operation, saves manpower, easy to understand in software application, high precision, suitable for some small and medium-sized mass production manufacturers.