Jp Automatic Balancing Machine For Winding Machine Rotor

With the continuous development of various manufacturing industries, more and more parts need to be balanced, and the production volume is larger. In order to improve the production efficiency of these workpieces and improve working conditions, some enterprises with large production capacity are currently available. Many large manufacturers have adopted automation. Rotating workpieces for dynamic balance detection and verification is one of the basic processes of mechanical components.


What we are going to talk about today is the fully automatic balancing machine for winding machine rotor, which will help the rotor of the winding machine

The winding machine rotor automatic balancing machine can automatically detect the winding machine rotor with a corrected weight of 1.6kg and a diameter range of about 35~60mm. The workpiece dynamic balance detection is accurate in the angle, automatic de-weighting and re-testing, all of which realize automation, so the operation is simple and succinct when testing the rotor, the application is convenient and easy to understand, the precision is high, and it is suitable for mass production and improvement. The production volume. Then other automatic balancing machines produced by Jianping are also suitable for different types of rotors.

Winding Rotor Fully Automatic Balancing Machine Features:

The automatic balance correction is based on the electric measuring system developed by the company. There are also many ways to measure, such as dynamic balance and static balance, which are developed in the support mode. Up to more than 10 kinds, the emphasis is on weighting and de-duplication, the flexibility is positive and negative, the precision is high during measurement, the combination of multiple calibration factors can be combined, the flexibility of the system is automatically adjusted, there is no jump when shifting gears, and the software and hardware systems are adopted. Double filtering, automatic data compression, fast/quasi-/stable measurement.

The winding machine rotor automatic balancing machine helps you to mass production and improve the quality of the workpiece. You need it all here!