JP Automotive Cooling Fan Assembly Balancing Machines Let Fans Mute More

Automotive engines must be moderately cooled at high temperatures to keep them operating at the proper temperature to meet the engine's good performance, durability and emissions requirements. The engine cooling system plays a key role here. The engine cooling system control technology, mainly cooling fan control technology. How to accomplish the task of cooling the engine cooling system with the lowest cost and lowest power consumption, cooling fan control technology deserves further research and analysis.

What is the role of cooling system?

First, the engine in all conditions are maintained within the appropriate temperature range.
Second, the cooling system classification Cooling system in accordance with the different cooling medium can be divided into air-cooled and water-cooled.

Third, the water-cooled system consists of pumps, radiators, cooling fans, thermostats, compensation buckets, engine and cylinder head in the water jacket and other ancillary components.


The function of the cooling system is using the cooling liquid to cool the hot parts and radiate the heat to the atmosphere through the radiator so as to ensure that the engine works under the normal temperature condition. The cooling system consists mainly of water pumps, thermostats, radiators, cooling fans and associated cooling hoses.

The working process of the cooling system is driven by the engine, the pump continuously pumps the coolant in the radiator into the cooling water jacket of the engine block, cools the engine block, let the coolant flow to the radiator, Through the fan to the heat emitted to the atmosphere. Thermostat's role is to control the circulation of cooling water flow to regulate the engine in the cold and hot car state cooling intensity.

Automotive Cooling Fan Assembly Balancing Machinesprovide overall balance service

Automotive cooling fan in the factory will do the dynamic balance test, dynamic balance test can not be separated from the dynamic balancing machine equipment. The development of automobile industry drove the development of dynamic balancing machine industry and the dual cooling fan balancing machine produced by JianPing upgraded from manual balancing machine to semi-automatic balancing machine. At present, the cooling double fan balancing machine not only has the function of measuring dynamic balancing, But also increase the electrical properties of the workpiece testing and vibration and yaw test function, greatly improving the work efficiency of the balancing machine, really for the sake of customers, better solutions for customers to balance.


Shanghai Jianping automotive cooling fan balancing machine is designed for car cooling fan designed balance machine, to the car cooling fan and radiator cooling fan assembly to provide the overall balance of services, and can be added to the balance of detection based on the calibration equipment, once Complete the steps of balancing detection and calibration.

In addition, Jianping automotive cooling fan balancing machine can also be current, voltage, power and other electrical parameters for testing. Visible for the car cooling fan to maintain good performance, Shanghai Jianping made considerable efforts and extremely serious study. Hope Jianping automotive cooling fan balancing machine with the help of more cooling fans have better performance for our service to ensure driving safety.