Jp Balancing Machine-2018 Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Show

2018 Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Show, the 15th Shanghai International Auto Parts, Maintenance Inspection and Diagnostic Equipment and Service Supplies Exhibition (AMS), was grandly opened this morning at the Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition will be held from November 28th to December 1.2018

This year's show once again achieved breakthroughs in terms of size, number of exhibitors and audiences. The exhibition area has expanded from 300,000 square meters to 350,000 square meters last year. The total number of booths is about 12,000. It is expected to attract 6,250 companies and 140,000 professional visitors.

It is understood that the exhibition is one of the 12 global brand exhibitions of the automechanika exhibition in Germany. It is the largest auto parts, maintenance inspection and diagnostic equipment and auto accessories exhibition in Asia, and has become a professional exhibition recognized by the industry suppliers. One.

It is not difficult to see that the influence of the Frankfurt Auto Show in Shanghai is second to none in the industry. Shanghai Jianping also seized the opportunity to participate in the exhibition. Our booth number is 8.1 Hall F92. The exhibition will be handled by the Shanghai headquarters. At that time, local offices will also have personnel to help out, aiming to provide better service to the audience.

At the exhibition, we brought three dynamic balancing machines to the site. These dynamic balancing devices have a wide range of applications in the automotive parts industry.

Single-Plane vertical milling automatic balancing machine: This machine is mainly used for single-sided automatic balance correction of automobile brake disc and retarder turntable, and can also be used for milling correction of brake drum, differential housing and other workpieces after changing

Single-Plane vertical drilling automatic balancing machine: This machine is balanced from balance measurement, angular positioning, drilling de-duplication and re-measurement. All of them are automatically completed, with high speed and high precision. It is suitable for mass production of workpieces. The workpiece can be subjected to two or more de-weight corrections as needed. This machine is used for balance correction of workpieces such as clutch platen, flywheel, pulley, and magnetic steel rotor.

Special balancing machine for fan machine: This machine adopts professionally designed soft support pendulum to improve the measurement accuracy of the machine. The device has automatic marking function, which can mark the detection result of the workpiece. Mainly used for the overall balance correction of the car heater assembly.

The people coming and going at the exhibition site are not only reflected in the exhibition, but also reflect the influence of the suppliers on the exhibition and the interpretation of the influence of the Frankfurt Auto Show in Shanghai. The audience on the Jianping booth also followed and stopped, the staff patiently explained, the consultants nodded and nodded, praised the sound

This exhibition gathers global strength brands and large domestic and foreign enterprises. The scope of exhibits covers the entire industrial chain of the automobile, providing a wide range of fields, diversified choices and opportunities for business expansion.

At the same time, Jianping's fully automatic balancing machine equipment also provides an important reference solution for the majority of automotive suppliers. In addition to the automotive industry, Jianping's equipment is used in various fields such as motors, fans, air conditioners, internal combustion engines, and aerospace. As long as you need it, we will be happy to customize the exclusive balancing solution for you!