Jp Balancing Machine Boosts New Energy Industry

For the synonym of new energy vehicles, it may not be unfamiliar to everyone. New energy vehicles not only have different technological innovations than ordinary cars, but also innovate in shape design, and are favored by countless young consumers. Jp 's dynamic balance machine follows this craze and has launched a new energy balancing machine. This new energy balancer developed by the company is divided into a new energy automatic balancing machine and a new energy manual balancing machine. Different types of balancing machines are born to meet the needs of different customers. Intimate design, what are you waiting for?


Shanghai Jianping New Energy Balancer  Features:

1. Modular design, wide application range

2. Sensitivity sensor, good linearity, durable and reliable

3. Loop belt transmission structure, good measurement accuracy, more convenient to use

4. Jianping designed swing frame, effectively transmitting mechanical force, firm and reliable, small vibration damping, good rigidity


Shanghai Jianping has been manufacturing dynamic balancing machines for nearly 15 years. The good quality balancing machine has created the brand of Jianping dynamic balancing machine. Your trust is our driving force!

New energy, new forces! Shanghai Jianping promoted the new energy industry.