Jp Balancing Machine Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What information do I need to order a balancing machine?


You need basically need 5 pieces of information before you buy a balancing machine

1. Rotor Type (type of part that you want to balance).

2. Part Weight (minimum and maximum weight if you will balance more than one part type)

3. Correction Method (drilling, grinding, milling, mass centering, welding, or punching, or weight addition

4. Number of parts to be balanced per hour

5. Balance Tolerance (single plane or two plane)

If you don’t have this information or are not sure how to determine this information, give us a call, Hines can assist.


How do I know what Jp Balancing Machine model (vertical, horizontal, cradle, driveshaft, dynamic) is the best for my application?


The best machine would be determined by available budget, part type, correction method, balance tolerance (single plane or two plane), and how many parts need to be balanced per hour. Call Jp Balancing Machine and we will use our 12 years experience to determine the best machine for your application.


Why should I order Hines balancing equipment instead of one from another company?


For over 12 years Jp Balancing Machine has been an industry leader in design and engineering of balancing machines, tooling, and correction methods along with part handling, automation, and production line quality improvement machines. Jp Balancing Machine are renowned for repeatable precision, rugged durability, and ease of use. In addition, Jp Balancing Machine provides in plant training and best in the industry service and technical support for all types of balancing equipment and production improvement machines. 90% of your parts can be shipped the next day with just a phone call to Jp Balancing Machine


How much do Hines machines cost?


Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides competitive pricing. Contact Jp Balancing Machine for a price estimate along with recommendation on the best machine for your application. We can also meet your balancing and product improvement needs for your price-performance target through trade-ins, upgrades, and re-sale of used equipment.