Jp Balancing Machine Meets You At China Refrigeration Exhibition

On the 4.9-4.11, 2019, the 30th China Refrigeration Exhibition kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Founded in 1987, China Refrigeration Exhibition has been expanding and perfecting for more than 30 years, which not only promotes the rapid development of China's refrigeration and air-conditioning industry, but also becomes one of the leaders of global industry exhibitions.
The exhibition was grand and grand. At that time, well-known enterprises, organizations and government agencies from more than 30 countries and regions around the world came to the exhibition. More than 10,000 professional visitors and users from all over the world participated in the exhibition. The exhibits covered the whole HVAC industry. famous brand


Shanghai Jianping always adheres to the innovative research and development in the balancing machine industry and the continuous cultivation of technical talents. Once again, the balance machine was unveiled at the China Refrigeration Exhibition. The booth number is: W5G11. The main display instruments include: five dynamic balancing machines, such as a ring balancing balancing machine, a cross flow fan balancing machine, a single-sided vertical balancing machine, a soft-supporting self-driving balancing machine, and a self-driving balancing machine. The equipment is mainly used in the production of air conditioners, fans, fans, car condensing fans, car heater fans, fan impellers, etc.

With the ingenious equipment and enthusiastic service, Shanghai Jianping will also welcome manufacturers, suppliers and buyers from all over the world to conduct in-depth dynamic balance technical exchanges with industry experts.Main machine of the exhibition-Car condensing fan balancing machine


Using 12-inch touch screen, JP800 balance software, to ensure the measurement of dynamic balance while conducting current, voltage, power and other electrical parameters test. Multi-functional fixtures and pneumatic quick chucks enhance product adaptability and improve work efficiency. Mainly used in engine cooling fans, the overall balance of the refrigerator cooling fan assembly--Car heater balancing machine

 Adopt 12-inch touch screen, JP800 balance software. Provide multi-functional fixtures to adapt to more varieties; fast lifting safety doors, three-color warning lights, to make work more efficient and safe. Mainly used in the overall balance of the car heater assembly, eliminating the imbalance, to provide guarantee for your product quality.
Shanghai Jianping is committed to the innovative R&D of various dynamic balancing machines, creating the future with strength in the era of scientific and technological dialogue. The Shanghai Jianping will also invite you to visit China Refrigeration Exhibition to discuss with you the development of the era and witness the new height of China's refrigeration industry.