Jp Balancing Machine Wish You A Beautiful Winter

Jp Balancing Machine Wish You A Beautiful Winter
After the winter, the sunshine time will continue to shorten, and the height of the sun will continue to decrease at noon. The Chinese folks set the winter as the beginning of winter. The three autumns in the Jianghuai area are nearing the end, the water begins to ice, the ground begins to freeze, and everything seems to have entered a peaceful rest period, preparing for the next year's recovery.

This solar water has begun to freeze. In the north, the cold air is strong, often invading, forming a strong wind and cooling with a rain and snow cold wave. Generally, when the winter is over, China will gradually enter the cold season. At this time, in the north, water is usually able to form ice.

The land began to freeze. At this time, the autumn harvest in the north had already ended. On the open field, a piece of red and yellow land was exposed. After a rain, after the frost, there will always be a thin layer of ice on the surface of the soil, and the foot will step on it and creak