JP Balancing Machines, Contribution To The Development Of Automatic Dynamic Balance

The basic concept of rotor balance.
A variety of machines’ parts that rotate around axis, is which often called a rotor. If a rotor has an even mass distribution, manufacturing and installation are qualified, the operation will be smoothly. Ideally, what is on the bearing, except the rotor gravity, no other external force, that is, the rotor does not rotate, is only static pressure. Rotating parts are generally static imbalance and even imbalance. These combination called the dynamic imbalance. The rotor’s center axis of inertia and the rotation axis also tends to be consistent. If the rotor is not balanced, the additional dynamic pressure will be transmitted to the machine through the bearing, caused the whole machine vibration, noise, accelerating bearing wear, reducing machine age, and even machine control failure, serious consequences. These scenarios are common. For example, exhaust hood, exhaust fan impeller imbalance, there is a lot of vibration, boring noise. Industrial, the vibration of the motor, the vibration of the machine tool is also caused by the imbalance of the rotor or the spindle. These examples illustrates the importance of machine rotor balancing from surface phenomena.
Rotor balancing machine.


motor automatic balancing machine


We do moreover than these.
JP Balancing Machines, producer of a variety of micro-motor rotor balancing machine to eliminate the micro-motor vibration and reduce the noise has been cached more and more attention by the majority of motor manufacturing technicians. There are many reasons for the imbalance of the micro-motor rotor, which can be divided into two categories: one is the design and manufacturing error, such as the structure of the motor rotor itself is not uniform, the permanent deformation of the machining, the machining error caused by cutting. Another is the material defects, such as the thickness of the material, density and other inconsistent uneven. Dynamic balance is the main cause of motor vibration and noise. Now all industrial advanced countries have the vibration and noise as the main quality indicators of the motor. In the development of micro-motor rotor balancing machine, JP has many years of innovative technology and operational experience. The products have been sold to countries around the world.
JP Balancing Machines’ production are under the requirements of the design, manufacture and testing. The company uses the latest mature technology to provide unparalleled accuracy and repeatability, faster than other machines on the market.