JP Brake Disc Automatic Balancing Machine

The composition of each car is composed of thousands of parts. In so many parts, the brake system is one of the important parts in the car. Its quality directly affects our driving. Safety, in the process of braking, this not only requires the driver to have good driving skills, but also requires a reliable brake disc, brake pads, brake oil and other parts, and the production of these parts is required In many production processes, the important part is the detection of dynamic balance, how to have a reliable brake pad


At the time of production by the manufacturer, the brake disc is a blank disc at this time. After the casting, cooling and de-sanding are required, the blank disc is finished. At this time, the surface is smooth and smooth, but each surface is not smooth. A brake blank disk is a good brake disc, which is the crystallization of the foundry after several production stages.


After the above steps, the brake disc needs to be carefully produced and processed. With the entire transfer of the blank disc, the brake disc needs to be finished and tested. The brake disc itself is metallic luster, and at the same time, precise mounting hole positioning and dynamic balance detection are performed. For mass production manufacturers, the brake disc automatic balancing machine is generally selected to enhance the overall benefit, and a qualified brake. The film is required to be tested after the dynamic balance test. The Jianping vertical milling automatic balancing machine can avoid the running jitter and brake jitter caused by the brake disk itself after the dynamic balance test of the brake disk