JP Centrifugal Fan Balancing Machines

As a company engaged in the development, design and production of balancing machines for many years, Shanghai Jianping has been committed to providing customers with better balancing machine products and caring services. In order to provide excellent customer experience, Shanghai Jianping has developed a special balance for customers in various industries. Machine, improve production efficiency, improve dynamic balance accuracy, make balancing machine easier to operate

PHZQ-16 centrifugal fan balancing machine
Shanghai Jianping designed the swing frame, which is specially used for centrifugal impeller, dynamic balance detection of the wind wheel to improve the sensitivity of the machine.
Sensor, good linearity, durable and reliable
Shanghai Jianping's JP-680B touch screen electrical measurement system, friendly man-machine interface, making operation easier and more convenient
Centrifugal fan balancing machine is mainly used for dynamic balance detection correction of various wind turbines and centrifugal blades.