Jp Electric Car Motor Balancing Machines-come With New Energy Vehicles

There is still a big difference between electric car motors and ordinary motor , in order to meet the major manufacturers of electric vehicles requirment about the balance , specially developed and produced a  balancing machine for electric vehicles motor, can also be called a new energy motor balancing machine


Electric vehicle motor balancing machine (new energy-driven motor balancing machine) to help develop environmentally vehicles


Taking into account the potential of environmentally friendly motors and new energy motors, Shanghai Jianping has carefully developed and successfully developed a motor balancing machine for electric vehicles (new energy-driven motor balancing machine) through superb and advanced technologies to meet the requirements of major new energy motors Manufacturers demand.

Different from other motor balancing machines, Jp electric vehicle motor balancing machinenot only improves the balancing effect on the rotor, but also adds weight removing equipment to both ends, which can greatly reduce the consumption of human resources and the waste of time , Better to improve the balance of efficiency, testing and de-weight at one time .reduce the error