Jp Four-station Automatic Balancing Machine

For the mechanical industry, power tools are one of the most important production and supplies in our daily lives. Different power tools such as electric drills, electric screwdrivers, cutting power tools, electric planers, etc. can be seen everywhere. However, due to the influence of materials and manufacturing process equipment, the power tool will generate corresponding vibration when it rotates. This vibration will not only cause annoying noise, but also affect the loss of the service life to a certain extent. Even causing certain dangers.

Nowadays, in order to meet the demand of production, the machinery has gradually developed in the direction of refinement, large-scale and high-speed. Therefore, for such problems in the machinery industry, we have to use the automatic balancing machine to dynamically balance the rotor of the machine.


Compared with the current domestic and international mainstream automatic balancing machine, it is mostly a two-station model, but there is still a problem of low efficiency. Therefore, Shanghai Jianping recently introduced a new automatic balancing machine: four-station automatic balancing machine for end face drilling.

Shanghai Jianping is a four-station automatic balancing machine for rotor end face drilling. It is mainly used for product balance measurement and correction of water pump and end face de-duplication mode. It can be connected to the rotor production line for automatic production.

The production of four-station automatic balancing machine for end face drilling not only improves the efficiency of production and calibration of the workpiece, but also reduces the test time by 5 seconds, This machine has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient application and high precision.