JP Have Solved The Unbalanced Rotor For You

Rotor unbalanced
Rotor imbalance is due to rotor eccentric mass parts or rotor parts defects caused by failure caused by rotor imbalance for many specific reasons, according to the imbalance of the process can be divided into the original imbalance, progressive imbalance and sudden Balance and other conditions. The original imbalance is due to rotor manufacturing error, assembly error and material unevenness caused by such reasons, such as the balance of the factory did not meet the dynamic balance requirements, will have a greater vibration. Progressive imbalance is due to uneven scaling on the rotor, uneven deposition of dust in the media, uneven wear of the blades and impellers in the media, and erosion of the working medium by the working medium.


The reason for the imbalance:
1.Incorrect assembly, installation of a part centerline of mass and center of rotation.
2.Do not overlap/ Cast holes/Assembly error/ Half-key question/ sediment on the rotor.
3.Rotor deformation, due to residual stress, heat caused by uneven rotor deformation.
4.Uneven design, such as motor rotor winding side and the other side is not symmetrical.

The above problem causes some degree of imbalance of the rotor. The sum of all the unbalanced vectors distributed on the rotor can be considered as a vector focused on the "key". The dynamic balance is to determine the position and size of the unbalanced rotor focus And then remove or add a counterweight of the same size at its corresponding location.


The importance of rotor balancing
Due to the unbalanced force, if not corrected, the rotating equipment has a strong destructive, not only damage to the bearing support, will also cause the machine foundation cracking, weld cracking, at the same time due to imbalance caused by too large The amplitude of the product quality decline. Due to unbalanced product centrifugal force depends on the rotor speed and focus on the weight.


Two-Station Automatic Balancing Machinesolved the unbalanced rotor

Automatic balancing correction machine uses a dedicated electrical measurement system, measurement methods diversified, dynamic and static balance, support up to 10 kinds, plus to heavy, positive and negative can be flexible and customized. High measurement accuracy, multi-scale coefficient combination, automatic adjustment of system sensitivity, no jumping shift, software and hardware double filtering, high-speed data compression, measurement more stable, more accurate and faster

Application range
Mainly used in the rotor and the end of the weight of the rotor balance measurement and correction can be linked to the rotor production line to achieve automated production
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