JP Horizontal Hard-Bearing Balancing Machines

Jp s horizontal hard-bearing balancing machines are used to balance from very small to very large rotors. For balancing, the rotors are supported by their own bearing journals, mounted to a balancing arbor or balanced as a complete assembly. Rotor applications include electric armatures, spindles, rotors from fans, generators, turbines or compressors as well as rolls or crank shafts.

Jp ’s horizontal hard-bearing balancing machines are characterized by their high availability. Their permanent calibration ensures simple machine operation. The special Jp force measuring principle provides high measuring accuracy.

With diverse available expansion options like reinforced bearing pedestals, a more powerful drive and specific software solutions, even simple flexible rotors can be balanced up to their operating speeds. Available integrated unbalance correction systems make the balancing process even more efficient. Customized safety concepts increase machine safety.