JP Leading Electrical Measurement System

Fully automated has moved into our daily lives and the core components of the fully automated plant are required to be tested by the dynamic balancing machine, so that everything is impossible in the future without the help of a balancing machine.
The vertical balancing machine is a reflection of the traditional balance technology, which has proven to be very successful in the mass production of disk parts: pulleys, brake discs, fans, clutches, flywheels and many other similar parts, using vertical balance Measurements are more economical than any other way.

vertical balancing machines

Vertical balancing machine with JP leading electrical measurement system, dynamic and static balance, support up to 10 kinds measurement, plus weight, positive and negative can be customized, the use of multiple calibration coefficient combination, automatically adjust the system sensitivity, No jump, hardware and software double filter, high-speed data compression, measurement more stable, more accurate, faster, calibration interface specialization easier maintenance, calibration section up to 10, calibration coefficient real-time verification, and with System linear graph, measurement shows the balance and angle units can be customized, the display accuracy can also be customized to achieve real-time conversion unit to meet different customer needs. Auto parts industry, the sudden emergence of the industry has nothing new, the balance of auto parts and more and more people pay attentions. If there is a fully automatic balancing machine, make the balance simple and quick. That is not better to improve the balance of efficiency.