JP New Energy Automatic Balancing Machine

The two parts of the motor drive system and the mechanical transmission structure are the entire drive system of the electric vehicle, and the components of the motor, the controller, the power converter, the various test sensor power supplies and the like are the main structures of the motor drive system.

In various industrial products, motors are more important parts and power sources for electrical appliances and machinery, so that we can understand the importance of motors in the market.

In order to better improve the production efficiency of new energy motor manufacturers and reduce the mistakes in manpower when de-duplication, Shanghai Jianping dynamic balancing machine has developed a new energy automatic balancing machine after design and development. The machine adds the power of the balancing machine to the reconfiguration, which can better match the function of the pneumatic workpiece to hold the workpiece. The workpiece can be directly weighted on the dynamic balancing machine without unloading, which improves the working efficiency.

This new energy automatic balancing machine, Jianping has a special design and swing, better transmission of mechanical force, ensuring good vibration resistance of the machine, sensor sensitivity and calibration measurement principle are high, achieving high precision, In addition, the operator can be more simple and comfortable in operation, and the electric measurement system designed by Jian Ping can also make the machine interface more friendly.