JP Offers A Complete Range Of Services To Diagnose

JP balancing machine offers nationwide Balancing & Vibration Analysis Services from five Balancing Technology Centers and a network of field service technicians. Each facility is equipped to provide a full range of in-house and on-site balancing services for precision rotor performance.


In-house balancing services

Our in-house balancing service uses the latest JP technology to provide reliable, cost-effective operation for virtually any size rotor. A wide variety of machines are available that can accommodate short runs for prototype development and overhaul applications to large scale production runs.


All balancing in accordance with ISO, CE

Vertical balancing machines for disc type rotors without journals

Certification of proving rotors and test masses

Engineering support for tool design & fixtures

Fully equipped inspection/QC department

 PHLD vertical balancing machine.png

Brief Introduction

1.Specially designed,solid brackets can effectively transmit mechanical force

2.Durable and reliable sensor possesses high sensitivity and good linearity

3.Permanent calibration brings high accuracy

4.Special clamp offers higher accuracy and easier operation

5.Advanced electrical measuring system and friendly man-machine interface

6.As the customer's request,the de-weighting system can be equiped

7.PHLD series are applicable for clutch pressure plate, brake disc, brake drum, pulley, fan, saw blade, grinding wheel, chuck, flange etc