JP Turbo Molecular Pump Balancing Machine

The molecular pump is an oil-free high vacuum pump, and the molecular pump is mainly divided into a turbo molecular pump, a composite molecular pump, and a magnetic suspension molecular pump.

For the special rotor of the molecular pump, Shanghai Jianping carried out dynamic balance detection, and designed a balancing machine for the dynamic balance of molecular pump for the characteristics of the molecular pump.

Turbo Molecular Pump Balancing Machines

Convenient workpiece loading & unloading
Soft-bearing bracket system designed by Jianping
Modular design, applied to the balance of molecular pump impeller
Suitable for the dynamic balance detection of turbo molecular pump impeller


Technical data at a glancePRQT-16PRQT-30PRQT-50
Max Mass of Workpiece(kg)1613050
Max Diameter of Workpiece (mm)Φ300Φ350Φ550
Distance Between Two Support Bearings (mm)350350650
Diameter Scope of Driving Belt (mm)100-200100-300100-350
Rotational Speed when the Diameter of Driving Belt is 100mm (r/min) 18001)18001)18001)
Motor Power (kw)0.450.550.75
Min Achievable Residual Unbalance Amount (emar)≤0.15g· mm/kg≤0.15g· mm/kg≤0.15g· mm/kg
1) Stepless speed regulation