Jp Vertical Drilling Automatic Balancing Machine

Due to the design of the disc components, uneven material, manufacturing and installation, there are often some initial imbalances in the rotating disc components. These unbalanced rotary parts generate periodic excitation force when rotating, causing vibration and noise, increasing equipment energy consumption, accelerating mechanical wear, reducing service life, causing equipment failures and even accidents. So Balance Machine will help meet eligibility criteria

Jp vertical milling automatic balancing machine is mainly used for detecting and automatically correcting the unbalanced amount of the disc-shaped workpiece. The Jp technology is adopted, and the workpiece is balanced from the balance measurement, the angle positioning, the drilling re-duplication and the re-test, and the automation is performed; the operation is simple, the application is convenient, and the precision is high.

This vertical milling fully automatic balancing machine can balance disk-shaped parts from a few grams to 35 kilograms of 450 mm diameter disc-shaped workpieces. This machine is designed, manufactured and tested under the strict requirements of ISO and customer's factory standards.


Product Features

The balancing machine uses manual loading and unloading, adopts 15-inch touch screen, balanced measurement software technology, and is developed, automatic measurement, automatic milling correction, automatic re-measurement, steel structure design and long service life.

Application range

The vertical milling automatic balancing machine is used for single-sided automatic balance correction of disc-shaped workpieces, and is suitable for mass production of disc-shaped workpiece dynamic balance.The instability of the disc-shaped workpiece requires the use of a vertical milling automatic balancing machine to protect the quality of your workpiece!