JP Vertical Milling Automatic Balancing Machine For Brake Di

When the brake disc of a car is cast, it is generally centered on the axis. This center point will appear to be lighter on one side. When the disc-shaped workpiece is rotated at a high speed, the parabola generated is not in a circle. This caused the car to feel jittery while it was in progress, and at this time the dynamic balancing machine was to eliminate this problem.


The high-quality brake discs also need to be tested for dynamic balance. After a certain period of investigation, Shanghai Jianping developed a vertical milling automatic balancing machine. This automatic balancing machine is specially developed for disc-shaped workpieces. , Other than brake disc is applicable, it is also used for automatic measurement of a variety of disc-shaped workpieces.


The vertical milling automatic balancing machine adopts the new technology of Jianping. It automatically controls the dynamic balance of the workpiece, the positioning of the angle, the drilling and de-duplication method and the re-measurement. All of them are simple and convenient, and the precision is high. Generally, it is suitable for manufacturers of mass production. It is a good helper for disc-shaped workpieces.