Just Do It-Jp Turbocharger Balancing Machine

Turbochargers have become popular on many types of automobiles, and they make up for the inherent deficiencies of some naturally aspirated engines, allowing the engine to increase output power by more than 30% without changing the displacement. Therefore, many automobile manufacturing companies adopt this supercharging technology to improve the output power of the engine so as to realize the high performance of the car.


Shanghai Jp balancing machine provides a special balancer for turbocharger rotors that can balance the dynamic balance of various types of automotive supercharger rotors weighing up to 0.5kg. As a professional manufacturer, Shanghai Jianping also manufactures special supercharger balancers that can fit all types of automotive supercharger rotors.


Turbocharger rotor special balancer adopts advanced electric measurement system, diversification of measurement methods, dynamic and static balance, up to 10 kinds of support methods, add weight, positive and negative can be flexibly customized. High measurement accuracy, multiple calibration factor combinations, automatic adjustment of system sensitivity, no jumps in shifts, double hardware and software filtering, high speed data compression, more stable, more accurate, faster measurements.

 turbocharger balancing machine.png

Turbocharger rotor special balancing machine is mainly used for balance correction of various types of automotive supercharger rotors, belt drive, roller support, soft support swing, DC speed drive, Schneider Electric Window XP operating system. 17-inch LCD screen It has the characteristics of convenient loading and unloading, quick startup, and high working efficiency. Is the best choice for car booster industry.