Learn More About Automotive Cooling Fans Balancing Machine

The working principle of automotive electronic fans, friends know? The electronic fan belongs to the car's cooling system. To understand the working principle of the electronic fan, we must first look at the entire cooling system.

The role of the automotive cooling system is to moderately cool the operating engine and keep the cooling water within the optimal temperature range. When the engine is working normally, the cooling water temperature should be kept in the range of 80-90°C.

 automotive cooling fan
What are the factors that affect the fan's work?

1. When the water tank temperature sensor detects that the tank temperature exceeds the threshold (typically 95 degrees), the fan relay pulls in. The water tank temperature sensor is actually a temperature control valve, not a water temperature sensor.
2. The fan circuit is turned on by the fan relay and the fan motor starts.
3. When the water tank temperature sensor detects that the tank temperature is lower than the threshold, the fan relay is disconnected and the fan motor stops working.

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Automotive Cooling Fan Assembly Balancing Machines is a special balancing machine specially designed for automotive electronic fans. It can provide overall balancing services to the automotive electronic fan and water tank electronic fan assembly, and can add correction equipment on the basis of balance detection to complete the balance detection at one time. And corrective steps. In addition, automotive cooling fan balancing machines can also test electrical parameters such as current, voltage, and power.
It can be seen that for the automotive electronic fan to maintain good performance, JP balancing machine made considerable efforts and extremely serious research. Hope that with the help of Sword Ping, let more electronic fans have better performance to serve us and ensure driving safety.