Machine Tool Spindle Balancer

Machine tool spindle balancer is used for spindle manufacturers and repairer
Electric spindle workpiece weight is 1-50kg.minimum outer diameter is 48mm,work speed is 18000-5000r/min
Dynamic balance speed is 12000-25000r/min
Mechanical spindle workpiece weight is 16160kg.working speed is 5000-20000r/min, balance speed is 3000-12000r/min

Please select spindle balancer in the following cases
if you previous equipment is old and the equipment cannot repair or retrofit, please replace the equiment
if you relocate the factory or expand the sale, you need to re-purchase new equipment
Customers not only repair electric spindles or mechanica spindles, but also repair both ,they need to increase
The customer comes out of the factory to do business again and needs to buy new equiment

 Jp Supply below spindle balancer model 
for electric spindle balancer , you can choose PHQ-5/16/50,PRQ-5/16 PRZS-5
for mechanical sindle balancer, you can choose PHQ-50/160 PHQ-160Z PHQ-G160Z