Measure Rotor Balance-Vertical Balancing Machines

The Vertical Balancing Machines is used to measure the rotor balance, so how to measure it and give you a detailed introduction.

Is balance of rotor on the use of hydrostatic bearing pedestal, under the support embedded with a mirror. When there is no amount of unbalance rotor, by the light of beam after the mirror reflection, origin of the polar coordinates are projected into the unbalance indicator. If the rotor unbalance, rotor bearing in unbalance of heavy torque under the action of tilt, under the support of reflector is tilted and reflected light beam deflection, the beam into the origin of the polar point of light left indicator. According to the coordinates of points of light deflection, can get a rough measure of the size and location.

Balancing machine main performance of the use of residual unbalance, and unbalance decrement said two comprehensive indexes. The former is the balance function of residual unbalance rotor reached the minimum, it is one measure of this balancing machine the highest balance ability; The latter is the ratio of the amount of unbalance measured and the initial unbalance measured after a correction, which is a measure of the balance efficiency, generally expressed as a percentage.

In modern machinery, a flexible rotor balancing machine is developed due to the wide application of flexible rotor. This kind of balancing machine must be stepless speed adjustment within the rotor working speed range. Besides can measure the vibration of the bearing or vibration, also can measure the rotor deflection. Flexible rotor balancing machine installed in a vacuum protective indoor, sometimes in order to suit the balance of such as steam turbine rotor, it is equipped with vacuum system, lubricating system, lubricating oil degassing system and data processing by computer system and other large auxiliary equipment.