Merry Christmas For You-Jp Balancing Machine

Christmas is also known as Christmas, translated as "Christian Mass", Western traditional festivals, on December 25 each year. Mass is a kind of liturgy of the church. Christmas is a religious festival, because it is celebrated as the birth of Jesus, hence the name "Christmas Day."
Most Catholic churches will hold the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve on the 24th, which is the early morning of December 25th. Some Christian churches will hold good news and then celebrate Christmas on December 25th. Branch - The Christmas celebration of the Orthodox Church is on January 7 of each year.
Christmas is a religious holiday. In the 19th century, the popularity of Christmas cards and the appearance of Santa Claus made Christmas begin to become popular. Christmas celebrations have become popular in Northern Europe, combined with Christmas decorations in the northern hemisphere winter. It developed to the middle of the 19th century, and the whole Christmas and America began to celebrate Christmas. And derived the corresponding Christmas culture.
Christmas spread to Asia in the mid-nineteenth century, and Japan, South Korea, and China were all influenced by Christmas culture. After the reform and opening up, Christmas spread in China was particularly prominent. By the beginning of the 21st century, Christmas organically combined with Chinese local customs and developed increasingly mature. Eating apples, bringing Christmas hats, sending Christmas cards, participating in Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, etc. became part of Chinese life.
Christmas cards (Christmas cards) are very popular in the United States and Europe. Many families bring annual family photos or family news with greeting cards. The news generally includes the merits of family members in the past year. On Christmas Day, I pointed out that the ideal of a worldly world is only achieved through words and deeds of peace and love.

Sending a Christmas card, in addition to celebrating the joy of Christmas, is to bless the family and friends, in order to remember. Especially for relatives and friends in loneliness, it is more cordial care and comfort.

Jp balancing machine  has a beautiful wish
Meet you Christmas
Then grab your hand
Ringing the bells of Christmas together
Open our balance journey
Are you willing to help me achieve it?
Shanghai Jianping wishes everyone Christmas