Micro Motor Rotor Automatic Balancing Machine

With the continuous development of China's power tool industry, not only the demand for small and medium-sized motor rotors is increasing, but also higher requirements are placed on the manufacturing precision and reliability of the rotor. The amount of rotor imbalance caused by the misalignment of the centroid and the center of mass during the machining process is an important factor affecting the performance and accuracy of the rotor. Nowadays, the mainstream method of eliminating the imbalance is to carry out the rotor dynamic balance. The manual dynamic balance causes low efficiency and is not suitable for industrial large-scale production. The fully automatic balancing machine has come into the world !

Domestic balance process status and development goals

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According to various investigations, most of the domestic balance processes are still in the labor-intensive industry. Most of the rotor manufacturers still use the balance method of detection, manual de-weighting, re-measurement and de-weighting. The method relies heavily on the worker's operating experience, high labor intensity, low production efficiency, poor balance accuracy, and cannot meet the increasingly high product quality requirements of the market.

Under this background, the micro-motor rotor automatic balancing machine with simple and convenient operation, fast and efficient processing and excellent balance effect has become the urgent desire of the large and medium-sized motor manufacturers to break the balance process. To this end, Jianping has produced and produced a micro-motor rotor automatic balancing machine after years of research.

The micro-motor rotor automatic balancing machine fully absorbs the advantages of foreign products, which makes the machine have an essential breakthrough in many aspects such as processing efficiency, stability and interchangeability.

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Micro-motor rotor automatic balancing machine - rotor dynamic balance method

After the dynamic balance measurement of the rotor , the rotor can be balanced by the weighting method and the de-weighting method as needed: the so-called weighting method, that is, the correction weight is matched in the opposite direction of the imbalance. The de-weighting method removes a certain weight in the unbalanced direction. Commonly used methods are: boring, drilling, chiseling, milling, grinding, etc.

The Shanghai Jianping micro-motor rotor automatic balancing machine can solve the rotor imbalance problem well. The de-weighting dynamic balancing processing method can balance the rotor with a weight of 0.5 kg and a diameter of 40 mm. As a balancing machine manufacturer, Shanghai Jianping also manufactures a fully automatic balance correction machine.

Micro-motor rotor automatic balancing machine features

1. Fast production cycle, high reduction rate

2. It is convenient to replace the product, just replace the product fixture and adjust the sensor position

3. Human-machine interface, with memory function for production capacity and real-time production information

4. Rigid structure design, high service life

The motor contains a rotating rotor, so it must be calibrated and balanced, and its dynamic balance is related to the overall quality of the motor. At present, the development trend of electric motors is to develop in the direction of high efficiency, high precision, high speed and high reliability, and the dynamic balance requirements of the rotor of the motor are more and more prominent.

Under such industry prospects and development trends, it is of great significance to be an important change in the production of electric motors, which is worthy of the efficiency and static improvement of the rotor dynamic balancing process.