Most Popular Turbo Rotor Blancing Machine

Turbochargers have become popular on many types of automobiles and turbochargers have five main advantages:
1, increase engine power.
2. Improve engine emissions
3, provide the function of plateau compensation.
4. Improve fuel economy and reduce fuel consumption.
5, has a high reliability and good matching characteristics, high transient response characteristics.


Because the combustion of gasoline and diesel is different, there are differences in the form of turbochargers used in the engine. The turbocharger gasoline engine is different from the diesel engine in that it does not enter the air, but a mixture of gasoline and air. The pressure is too high to deflagrate. Therefore, the installation of a turbocharger must avoid deflagration, which involves two related issues, one is high temperature control and the other is ignition timing control.

In order to create a sfer and more stable superchager, it is possible to work more steadily and better. The dynamic balancing machine of the supercharger rotor has become a problem that most manufacturers are concerned about. At the same time, according to market demand, JP balancing machine R&D and manufacturing: Balancing Machine Specially for Turbocharger.

  turbocharger balancing machine

JP balancing machine has a national utility model patent certificate, and the first domestic technology is to achieve high-quality workpieces. The machine adopts belt drive to ensure the balance quality and accuracy of the workpiece, convenient loading and unloading, quick start, and high work efficiency.

1. Modular design, a wide range of applications.
2. High sensitivity sensor, good linearity, durable and reliable.
3. Belt drive structure, higher measurement accuracy, more convenient to use,
4. Advanced electric measurement system, friendly man-machine interface, complete functions.
5. High-precision measurement of the soft support swing, measuring speed and high accuracy.