Comfortable travel - Jianping automotive heater balancer

The rapid development of China's travel industry in recent years, whether it is Group buy or traveling by car, are inseparable from the means of transport - the car.

Motor heater assembly from the shell, radiator assembly, fan assembly and control system, etc., if the radiator and fan there are some minor problems will affect the normal use of the heater. Shanghai Jian-ping car heating system in the study of the specific role of comfort after carefully developed a car heater balancing machine.


Automotiveheater principle
Cars, vans and chartered vehicles commonly used system for waste heat plumbing system to the engine cooling water as a heat source through the device in the heat exchanger (warm core), the air blower sent to the engine and cooling water heat Exchange, air heating through the cab duct into the car at different locations. And the same principle of electric heaters, but cars are generally replaced by hydrothermal heat.

Motor heater resistance damage mechanism
Motor heater resistance is not in each of the air-conditioning stalls will intervene in the work, the maximum gear when the heater resistance is not working. When we were driving, we usually had a small amount of air flow just before we arrived at the destination. In fact, the heater resistance was working properly at this time and a lot of heat was generated. However, because of the fan and heat dissipation The existence of the device will flow the wind to take away the extra heat, and will not accumulate under high temperature. However, if at this time directly off the fan, heater exhaust heat can not be successfully dispersed, likely to cause damage to the parts of the high temperature.


How to improve the overall quality of heater heater
Shanghai Jianping automotive heater balancing machine-PRZS-5-type soft-bearing self-balancing machine, through the dynamic balance test to determine whether the fan in the machine is not balanced, and according to the electrical measurement system to find the location of the dynamic unbalance and Size, to achieve the overall balance and reduce the workpiece error; reduce the heater fan vibration, reduce the noise emitted by the work; to eliminate due to bearing and other parts and equipment caused by the imbalance error; reduce the heater fan heater power consumption.

Although the heater balancing machine after the balancing machine can effectively improve the quality of the heater, but in daily use also need to operate in accordance with the norms to prevent damage to the heater function.
Jianping automotive heater balancing machine, create a more comfortable and safe driving environment.