Motor Rotor Automatic Balancing Machine

What is a motor? Simply speaking, it is the motor we know in our daily life. Its structure is basically composed of two parts of the rotor and the stator. So why the motor needs to detect the dynamic balance is not clear, so why? After the dynamic balance detection, the balance of the motor will reach the corresponding level after the motor has passed the dynamic balance detection, so that the mechanical amplitude generated by the motor during the rotating operation can be greatly reduced, so as to avoid The unbalanced vibration and humming sound that occurs during the running process can also avoid the damage caused by the wear on the bearing, thus prolonging the service life of the machine as much as possible.

Then we say the motor dynamic balance, that is, mainly for the motor's rotor to adjust the unbalance amount, such as the general process detection methods are two, one is the way of weighting, the second is the way to de-weight, then For the separation of the unbalanced quantity, the separation method of the two planes is often used, and the imbalance amount caused by the increase or decrease of the two planes is superimposed on the removal of the bias of the rotor, so as to achieve the imbalance adjustment of the rotor.

In order to better serve our customers, the experience of recent years has been summarized. The motor rotor fully automatic balancing machine can improve the overall quality and overall working efficiency of the motor rotor. It can also be used for various types of rotor movement. Balance correction. Eliminate the imbalance caused by processing and assembly errors, and reduce the vibration caused by the unbalanced amount of the product.

The motor rotor automatic balancing machine adopts an auto-measured electric measuring system, which has dynamic and static diversified testing methods. There are more than ten kinds of supporting methods in this period. The weighting, de-weighting and reversing can be flexibly customized. High precision during measurement, multiple calibration factors, adjustment system automation, etc. For more details, please see the fully automatic balancing machine product page.