New Energy Motor Automatic Balancing With Robot

Automotive new energy motors, also known as electric vehicle motors, environmental protection motor, new energy vehicle drive motor, etc., different places it is different, but the function is the same, under the energy-saving emission reduction , major enterprises began to specialize in producing environmental protection motor.


Description of New Energy Motor Automatic Balancer

For new energy motors and environmental protection motors, Jp Balancing Machine specializes in R & D and producing New Energy Motor Automatic Balancer, mainly used in small and medium-sized environmentally protection motor balancing correction

Driven by belt and frequency control motor drive .It can be a good guarantee of the quality & accuracy of new energy motor.Use advanced electrical measurement system, friendly Man-Machine interface, powerful function; Specially designed bracket can effectively Transmission mechanical force, small vibration damping.

Jp Dynamic Balancing Machine will practice in the environmental protection, not only research and develop products, but also help new energy vehicles to manufacture energy-saving environmental balancing machine