New Energy Motor Balancing Machine-main Energy-saving Emission Reduction

New energy motor

The performance of new energy electric vehicles there is still huge room for improvement, we are most concerned about the battery, as a key component of the performance of electric vehicles


The importance of electrical control

As a substitute for traditional fuel vehicles, the main electrical system of new energy vehicles is the "three major electric" systems of electric powertrains extended on the basis of the traditional "three small electric vehicles" (air conditioning, steering and braking) Battery, motor, electric control. Among them, the motor, electronic control system as a traditional engine (gearbox) function instead of its performance directly determines the electric car climbing, acceleration, maximum speed and other key performance indicators.

New energy motor, also known as environmentally protection motor, electric vehicle motor, new energy vehicle drive motor, etc., called a lot, but the essence is the same, in order to save energy and reduce emissions to protect the environment and the transformation of environmentally friendly motor.


In order to meet the balance needs of such environmentally protection motors, in order to help new energy motor manufacturers to improve work efficiency and reduce the error of human, Jp balancing machine developed balancing machine to increase the twode-weight device in both end , With the pneumatic clamping workpiece function, it allows the workpiece to de-weight directly without  removing. so as to improve work efficiency.


This new energy motor balancing machine with a professional design of bracket, which can effectively transfer mechanical force, good rigidity to ensure that the vibration damping machine is relatively small; high sensitivity sensors and permanent calibration of the measurement principle, to achieve a high accuracy. In addition, in order to make the operator more comfortable when operating, using advanced electrical measurement system, make the man-machine interface more friendly.


1. Professional design of the swing frame, the effective transmission of mechanical force, solid and reliable, small vibration damping, good rigidity

2. High sensitivity sensor, good linearity, durable and reliable

3. Permanent calibration of the measurement principle, high precision, allowing very high initial unbalance

4. Loop drive structure, higher accuracy, more convenient to use

5. Advanced electrical measuring system, friendly man-machine surface, powerful

6. Modular design, wide range of applications