New Energy Vehicle Drive Motor Rotor

AC induction motor is a power conversion into mechanical energy of the electric drag device, which is mainly constructed by the stator, the rotor and the air gap between them. In general, after the stator winding leads to the three-phase AC power supply, a rotating magnetic field is generated to obtain torque.
If you are using three-phase AC induction motor, then it also has a simple structure, overload capacity, reliable operation and so on. But anything cannot be perfect. AC induction motor’s energy consumption is relatively waste; and if it is in the case of high-speed operation, the motor rotor heat problems will be more serious. At the same time, due to the induction motor drive, the control system will be slightly complex.
Although the current AC induction motor is currently widely used in high-power electric vehicles, but there are still some technical problems in existed.

 car drive motor balancing machine

New energy vehicle drive motor rotor balancing machine, to create high-quality balanced motor
The new energy vehicle drive motor technical difficulties are temporarily unable to break. But we can go on the basis of its current balance performance improvement to have more stability, to protect the driving process of comfort and safety. JP Balancing Machines carefully developed a new energy vehicle drive motor rotor balancing machine.
After scientific research personnel research and development, new energy vehicle drive motor rotor balancing machine successfully available.
JP Balancing Machines’ new energy vehicle drive motor rotor balancing machine is widely used in various types of small and medium-sized motor rotor balance correction, ring belt drive with frequency control motor drive, so that the balance of the part is more accurate. Professional design of the swing, vibration High sensitivity, easy to effectively transfer mechanical force, high sensitivity of the sensor to better protect the accuracy, to allow very high initial unbalance, permanent calibration measurement principle, high precision; easy loading and unloading, start fast, high efficiency, so many head technology that cannot be lists for well.