New Energy Vehicles Want To Dominate, It Depends On It!

As a high-end emerging industries, the new energy automotive industry unabated. However, if you want new energy vehicles occupy a larger market for the automotive industry, then certainly can not do without its assistance!

 permanent magneticsynchronous machine  ac asynchronous motor

It is the new energy vehicle drive motor.

New energy vehicle drive motor types

New energy vehicles are often used in the drive motor, including DC motors, AC induction motors, permanent magnet motors and switched reluctance motor these kinds.
The earliest used in electric vehicles is the DC motor, with the electronic technology, automatic control technology, such as the vigorous development of the latter three are currently more widely used motor. In Japanese passenger cars are mostly used in PM (built-in) motor, in the United States, the asynchronous motor is more mainstream.

New energy vehicle drive motor advantages

Small size, high power density: In passenger cars, the requirements of new energy vehicle drive motor is compact, the size should be as small as possible, so the industry generally choose high-power-density permanent magnet synchronous motor as the drive motor.

High efficiency, light weight: Due to the current popularity of charging pile is not high, the mileage will naturally become a short board of new energy vehicles, it must be required to drive the motor has better efficiency, to ensure that the maximum energy efficiency; reduce motor Weight, can indirectly reduce the vehicle's power consumption, to achieve mileage.

Safety, comfort: Whether it's a new energy car or a regular car, safety and comfort are all things to consider. In terms of safety, to ensure that the motor can work in harsh environments; in terms of comfort, to check the vibration and noise of the motor running to make the vibration and noise as small as possible.

With it, let the car new energy drive motor quality higher!

What is it? That is new energy motor balancing machine.

 motor rotor balancing machine with end face drilling correction

A lot of new energy motor manufacturers are entangled in a question is: how to improve the quality of the motor under the established conditions? Many people encountered this problem in the past will be a headache, the motor mold has been set well, and other parameters have also been calculated on the basis of how to improve its quality?
Now there is a better solution: a dynamic balancer will be able to very well improve the problem.
Shanghai Jianping new energy motor balancing machine turned out to help more new energy vehicles drive motor manufacturers to improve the quality of the motor to create a better new energy vehicles, do not ignore any part of the car Role.

PHQ-Z160H Shanghai Jianping new energy motor balancing machine, professional design of the swing frame, high sensitivity sensors, permanent calibration measurement principle, ring drive structure, advanced independent research and development of electrical measuring system, are provided for the balance of the motor Strong technical support.