Not Afraid Of Winter-warm-hearted-Auto Heater Balancer

Cooling down, let the car heat up

Household cars are generally used in the non-independent heating system, Warmth of the car is through the warm wind. Non-independent heating system does not actually consume oil, it is also known as waste heat heating system


Car heater balancing machine, small body big function

In fact, the structure of the car heater is not large, but it has acted an important role to bring warm air to the car. Small body also contains great potential. As a work has been always rotating workpiece, the balance of the car heater can not be ignored.

In the past, the car heaters are used to do balance with the universal balance machine, According to customers need,Jp developed custom car heater special balancing machine.

In the situation of whole balancing, the balance can be reduced to a smaller error, to ensure that the heater has a better quality, more stable balance


Car heater balancing machine not only improve its stability, but also to some extent, extend its service life, it also can reduce the noise generated when the heater work, described as one serve. In order to produce a better and higher quality heater, heater manufacturers are still very necessary to purchase car heater balance machine