Notes On The Use Of Balancing Machines

Notes on the use of dynamic balancing machines
·The balancing machine must be installed on a firm foundation, and it needs to be fastened with expansion screws or embedded screws. Rigid materials such as adjusting horns can be used to adjust the level. It is strictly forbidden to pad rubber, wood, paper and other soft materials under the base.
·The balance machine must be grounded reliably, and the grounding resistance must be less than 4 ohms.
·The operator must undergo pre-job training and pass the examination before operating the equipment;
·The speed and load of the machine are selected according to the specified parameters;
·When working, the operator should stand on the side to prevent the rotating workpiece from hanging and touching;
·When parking, it is strictly prohibited to stop the rotor with hand brake;
·During the balancing operation, if the balance of the rotor is unknown, the unbalance should be measured at the lowest speed that can be measured first, and then the higher speed should be used to check;
·The power supply must be cut off after the work is finished;
·After adjusting the swing frame and the drive frame, all adjustment screws must be tightened;
·Check the support piece or roller, if there is serious wear, it must be replaced in time;
·Check the belt, if it is worn, aging, or cracked, it must be replaced in time.
·The workpiece should be placed on the balancer carefully and steadily, and the supporting part must be wiped clean to avoid measurement errors.
·Protective devices such as the stop head and the upper pressure frame on both sides of the bed should be fixed.
·During operation, the rollers, supporting pieces and other parts need to be filled with lubricating oil frequently to maintain lubrication.
·The equipment must be kept clean, and the rail surface must be frequently oiled to avoid rust.
·Because the machine has a battery retention circuit, when the machine is not in use, the battery should be charged for a few hours after turning on the machine every one month to prevent the battery from running out and causing data loss.
·In damp areas and weather, the equipment should be energized frequently to dissipate moisture.