On The Balancing Machine Interpretation Of Commonly Used Terms

1. the unbalanced AmountofUnbalance.
2. non-equilibrium phase AngleofUnbalance.
3. unbalance Eper.
4. the initial unbalance. Initialunbalance。
Balancing on the front rotor unbalance.
After the balance remaining on the unbalance of rotor.
7. the correction RADIUS Radius.
Correction correcting weight in the plane's Center of mass of the rotor axis distance, usually expressed in mm. 8. the interference of the correction planes (interaction).
Given a school on the front of the rotor unbalance caused another correction on the plane indicates changes in the value of balancing machine (sometimes referred to as plane separation effect)
EPER-rotor unbalance rate allowed GMM/kg or quality of rotor eccentricity μ m