Our Technical Team Will Arrive In Vietnam On May 26th

In order to better serve our Vietnam Clients, our team will arrive in Hanoi, Vietnam on May 26 for a one-week business visit and after-sales service in Vietnam.
1. We can answer the following questions for you:
(1) Confirmation of balancing machine model
If you are not so familiar with the balancing machine, and you are not sure which model of balancing machine is suitable for your workpiece, our engineer will answer for you.
(2) Discussion of detailed technology
Our R&D engineer also will participate in this businees trip. Any technical questions we can answer you honestly, when we have face to face meeting.
(3) After-sales service
If you have already bought our machines, we can inspect, maintain, repair, replace worn parts for your balancing machine, and off course will guide your workers how to operate the balancing machine.

engineer in Vietnam
(4) Price, Payment Term, Transport, After-sales Service
Our sales engineer will answer all the details about the price, payment term, transport and after-sales service form and content for you
2. Welcome your suggestions
If you have any comments on the improvement of our machine, 
if our service have any place need to be improved, 
if you have special technical requirements, and hope us provide customized solutions
You can contact us, our improvement can not be separated from your opinions!
For this trip, our team includes sales engineers, R&D engineers and after-sales engineers. If you have any questions need us answer and services, please feel free to contact us through phone: 86-21-39972151, whatsapp: 008613817256095, or Wechat: 13817256095 , we will adjust the schedule as soon as possible