Portable Balancer Calibration Postions Selection

As the diversity of rotor category in rotation balance test, the craft and test device are changing for the technical requirements. When the machine type is determined, the calibration method will also affect the balance consequence.


(A) The choice of calibration
The balance plane must be selected to be perpendicular to the plane of the rotor axis.
(1) On the thin disc-shaped rotor (L/D ≤ 5), because the imbalance is very small, generally only choose a calibration surface, known as single-sided balance
Or static balance.
(2) For long shaft rotors (L/D> 5), two or more calibration surfaces must be selected, 


Balance also known as dynamic balance.
(3) For the initial imbalance is large, when the rotation is too large vibration of the rotor, should first do single-sided static balance, and the correction of the most
Good choice in the center of gravity on the plane, to prevent even increase in imbalance; or choose the two schools on both sides of the center of gravity
Positive correction, or on request, select the plane near the center of gravity to correct, and then do the balance.
(4) The crankshaft should be balanced on a special crankshaft balancing machine.