Precautions For Cleaning Of Auto Parts Balancing Machines

With the use of microcomputer technology, the Auto Parts Balancing Machines has brought into a new era. The Auto Parts Balancing Machines has improved remarkably in terms of performance, accuracy and operability, and has been improved in power tools, machinery manufacturing, fans, motors, paper , Textile, household appliances, metallurgy and other fields have been more and more widely used.

Here to give you about how to balance the car parts to clean it.

1. Car parts of the balance of the photoelectric head of the lens glass should always use a mirror paper or mirror cloth to wipe the outer surface of the lens, so keep clean, do not use oiled yarn or dirty cloth wipe the mirror. Machine is a sophisticated testing equipment, there should be a dedicated person responsible for custody and operation.

2. Auto Parts Balancing Machines should always keep the balance machine clean, the rail surface should also be kept clean, and should always paint oil rust. Auto parts Auto Parts Balancing Machines support block or roller surface should also be kept clean, not allowed to stick iron Dust, dust debris, each work should be wiped before the net support block or roller and rotor journal, plus a little oil.

3. When moving the support frame of the auto parts Auto Parts Balancing Machines, rotate the rotor at the same time or move the left and right support frames at the same speed so as not to scratch the surface of the journal and roller surface. Never allow the rotor to be beaten or hit on the roller frame An unbalanced rotor produces a pressure on its support structure and the rotor itself during its rotation, resulting in vibration, so that the dynamic balance of the rotor is very necessary.

 Auto Parts Balancing Machines is used to measure the rotor balance, then how to measure, give us a detailed introduction.

The balanced rotor is placed on a bearing supported by a hydrostatic bearing, and a reflector is fitted under the support, and when the rotor does not have an unbalance, the light beam emitted by the light source is reflected by the reflector and is projected If the rotor is unbalanced, the rotor bearing will tilt under the weight of the unbalanced moment, and the mirror under the bearing will be tilted and the reflected beam will be deflected so that the beam The light spot on the polar coordinate indicator leaves the origin, and the size and position of the unbalance amount can be obtained from the coordinate position of the spot deflection.

The main performance of the Auto Parts Balancing Machines is expressed as the sum of the residual unbalance, and the unbalanced reduction rate, which is the minimum value of the residual imbalance of the rotor, which is the measure of the balance of the balance machine; Is the ratio of unbalanced reductions to initial unbalance after a correction, which is an indicator of equilibrium efficiency, generally expressed as a percentage.

In the modern machinery, due to the extensive application of flexible rotor, people developed a car parts Auto Parts Balancing Machines. This type of Auto Parts Balancing Machines must be in the rotor speed range of stepless speed regulation; in addition to measuring the support of vibration or vibration, But also to measure the deflection of the rotor. The auto parts balancer is sometimes installed in a vacuum guard room to fit the balance of a rotor such as a turbine, which is equipped with a vacuum system, a lubrication system, a lubricating oil degassing system and a data processing computer system Such as a large auxiliary equipment.

The above is a small series for everyone to introduce the car parts Auto Parts Balancing Machines to measure the method, the Auto Parts Balancing Machines interested friends can read in detail, later We will continue to introduce the knowledge of the auto parts Auto Parts Balancing Machines, if There are interested in the Auto Parts Balancing Machines friends, you can contact us