Precision Workpiece Rotor Balance Measurement

The role of rotor balance
After the unbalanced rotor has been corrected by dynamic balance, it not only eliminates the even unbalance, but also eliminates the static unbalance. At this time, the central inertial axis of the rotor and the axis of rotation are exactly the same, so that the rotor reaches equilibrium. But the ideal is that the fullness of the reality is bone. It is impossible to balance an imbalanced rotor to zero imbalance. It is affected by the accuracy of the balancing equipment and the limitations of the rotor. Therefore, there is the concept of balance accuracy, that is, under the existing conditions, we can achieve the most reasonable a numerical magnitude, so that it meets the requirements of production and life, but also meet the economic requirements.


Accuracy requirements for dynamic balancing machines
The minimum reachable residual unbalance is the minimum residual unbalance that can be achieved when the balancer balances the rotor and is a performance index that measures the balance ability of the balancer.

Shanghai Jianping balancing machine provides a full range of automatic balance correction machines that can balance the maximum weight of 0.5 kg and a 40 mm diameter rotor. As a professional manufacturer, Shanghai Jianping also manufactures two-station automatic balance correction machines that can fit all types of rotors.


1.Balance and correction once can be finished, just need one person responsible for it.
2.The production efficiency quickly, the once reduction rate is higher.
3.It is convenient to replace products, just need to replace products fixture and adjust the sensor position.
4.Man-machine interface, for production capacity and real-time production information with memory function.
5.Rigidity structure design, with a longer use life.

Brief Introduction
Two-Station Automatic Balancing Correction Machine applicable for motor rotor and end face-removal weight products, balance measurement and correction, it can be used for rotor production line to achieve automatic production.